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Pays d’Origine - États-Unis Indications des résistances aux principaux ennemis de la tomate Jardinier Amateur Semences NON TRAITÉES Cultivable sous abri
This variety holds the world record for the biggest fruit with a weight of 3,178 kg and the majority of fruits are more than 450 g, often attaining 900 to 1,300 g. An American variety for slicing with a red, smooth skin, slightly ribbed and resistant to splitting. Firm flesh with a good flavour. Attention. We supply seeds of a pure strain, sourced from BURPEE and not from sources bred elsewhere that are found in Europe.
Delivered quantity : 50 seeds
Shape of fruit : Beefsteak
Color of fruit : Red
Country of origin : United States
Year of creation : 1964

Précocité : Late
Size fruit : 1001/+ g.
Culture : Garden outdoor;Cold greenhouse;Greenhouse
Port : Indeterminate (climbing)

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