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ROOTSTOCKS for the vegetable plot F1 SPIRIT


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Pays d’Origine - France Obtention de Professionnel Indications des résistances aux principaux ennemis de la tomate Semences NON TRAITÉES Cultivable sous abri Tomate HYBRIDE F1

A way to cultivate plants with more resistance and therefore less spraying:
● Plants with more vigour are produced due to
a better root system bringing more sap to plant.
● Better production, up 75% extra harvest;
● Better quality fruits and even flavour than
normal plants.
● Longer harvest period under less favourable
temperatures .
● Adapted for protected cultivation as well as in
garden in open ground.
● Fruiting begins lower down on the stem due to
shorter inter-nodes.
● Can be grown successfully in containers on the
patio or balcony.
● Improves the uniformity of flowers.
● Better resistance to soil diseases and parasites (nematodes,
verticillium, fusarium root, corky root, Corynebacterium )
See our website ( technical data) for various grafting methods.

For tomatoes and aubergines. Excellent germination and a uniform plant with very good compatibility with the modern resistant varieties. Resistance: IR: Ma, Mi, Mj. HR: ToMV, Va, Vd, For, Psti.

Delivered quantity : 25 seeds
Country of origin : Nederland
Year of creation : 2005

Culture : Garden outdoor;Cold greenhouse;Greenhouse

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