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Pays d’Origine - France Obtention de Professionnel Indications des résistances aux principaux ennemis de la tomate Variétés Goûteuses Cultivable sous abri Tomate HYBRIDE F1

Reddish/orange, shiny, cocoa-pod shaped fruits, 320/360 g. A hybrid of a Horn-of-the-Andes type and an Ox-Heart type. Coloured flesh, tasty and flavourful. Very dense and without a cavity. Good yields with resistance to blotchy ripening and blossom end rot. Good for outdoors and under protection. Produces up to 14 trusses of 7/8 fruit.

Delivered quantity : 15 seeds
Shape of fruit : Andean horned
Color of fruit : Red
Country of origin : France
Year of creation : 2017

Précocité : Semi early
Size fruit : 301/400 g.
Culture : Garden outdoor;Cold greenhouse;Greenhouse
Port : Indeterminate (climbing)

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