Pays d’Origine - France Obtention de Professionnel Indications des résistances aux principaux ennemis de la tomate Variétés Goûteuses Semences NON TRAITÉES Cultivable sous abri Tomate HYBRIDE F1

F1 BEEF HEIRLOOM. This series of F1 hybrids has large, smooth, slightly ribbed fruits which are round, even and flattened. Having Beefsteak type flesh with the aromatic flavours typical of the heritage tomatoes. Series of very productive varieties over a long harvesting period, especially under protection. Resistant to diseases and to the cracking, a clear improvement on the heirloom varieties.

flesh and skin pink with a sweet flavour, scoring 7 on the Brix scale. Fruits of 270 g, size 6.5 x 10 cm.

Delivered quantity : 10 seeds
Shape of fruit : Round flat
Color of fruit : Pink
Country of origin : Nederland
Year of creation : 2015

Précocité : Medium
Size fruit : 201/300 g.
Culture : Cold greenhouse;Greenhouse;Garden outdoor
Port : Indeterminate (climbing)

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