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Pays d’Origine - France Obtention de Professionnel Indications des résistances aux principaux ennemis de la tomate Variétés Goûteuses Semences NON TRAITÉES Cultivable sous abri Tomate HYBRIDE F1

this superb variety has an UMAMI taste, perfect for the gourmet wishing to experience a new culinary flavour. Japanese in origin. These round, dark-pink fruits of 150 g are presented on trusses of 4/5 fruits and have a firm flesh. Combining sweetness with a light acidity - giving the fifth taste, known as UMAMI which means "delicious taste" in Japanese, complimenting the other tastes of sweet, salty, bitter and acidic. It’s a sensation felt in the middle of the tongue, appetising, rounded and delicious. A little salty, giving a desire to taste it again.

Delivered quantity : 10 seeds
Shape of fruit : Round flat
Color of fruit : Pink
Country of origin : Japan
Year of creation : 2018

Précocité : Semi early
Size fruit : 101/200 g.
Culture : Cold greenhouse;Greenhouse;Garden outdoor
Port : Indeterminate (climbing)

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