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Pays d’Origine - France Obtention de Professionnel Indications des résistances aux principaux ennemis de la tomate Semences NON TRAITÉES Cultivable sous abri Tomate HYBRIDE F1

pearl tomato with extraordinary round, yellow, elongated berries, 2g, almost like water drops 1-1,5 cm in diameter. Very sweet, having a Brix value of 8. Smaller than Currant Tomatoes. For longer and better production, best grown under cold or heated protection.

Delivered quantity : 10 seeds
Shape of fruit : Cherry
Color of fruit : Yellow
Country of origin : Nederland
Year of creation : 2015

Précocité : Medium
Size fruit : 0/10 g.
Culture : Cold greenhouse;Greenhouse
Port : Indeterminate (climbing)

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