GRAINES BAUMAUX, specialist seed merchants from Lorraine in France since 1943 supply to a well-informed and demanding clientele of gardeners and endeavour to offer a broad range of vegetable seeds, selected from varieties that we think the best and most suitable for the success of our customers.

Our extensive choice of varieties consists of:

  • Almost all current and known varieties used by amateur enthusiasts for decades.

  • Many old varieties, little used, but with shapes, colours or unique flavours that make gardening a pleasure of discovery.

  • An outstanding selection of newly developed varieties from the world's leading seed merchants, providing home gardeners with all the benefits of current research that is widely used by professional growers. Note that these varieties are hardly, or never available, from our competitors.

  • A specialised website for young plants; offering a wide range of vegetable young plants, grafted and non-grafted and flowering plants, including the famous TRIO: 3 colours or 3 species in the same plug/module.

  • A new website specialising in tomato varieties; offering 557 different tomato varieties from 2016 onwards, classified by size, shape, colour, disease resistance and cultivation methods.

The choice of seed varieties offered in our catalogue is definitely the largest and most comprehensive in Europe.

Our range contains no GM seed varieties.

In order to be able to offer you the many known and recognised authentic heritage varieties, GRAINES BAUMAUX have taken it upon themselves to register - and to be the official guardians of - 125 heritage vegetable varieties.

Traditionally, Dahlias have also been a specialty of GRAINES BAUMAUX. Our collection incorporated a great many novelties from all over the world. Every year we import several hundred varieties from many countries which we test in our trial garden, offering to our enthusiast customers the most original and the most successful varieties. These imports, the trials as well as our ongoing research, ensures our collection of dahlias is renewed year after year.

GRAINES BAUMAUX also has a very attractive selection of large sized spring and autumn flowering bulbs, including many original and impressive varieties. You can request our free catalogue simply by going on-line at Here you will also find a range of tools, accessories, garden ornaments, organic products and biocontrol agents, cultivation aids, natural fertilisers as well as a large number of fruiting and ornamental plants of high quality.